Courses that change Art teachers’ life

We taught a class for the kids of Bethel China* for the first time about one year ago, and as Art teachers, it changed our life. It questioned the way we teach and strongly enforced our belief in the importance of what we do. We have been teaching several classes for them now and

Growing confidence part 1.

We received this email today: “Grateful thanks to you and your team for making today’s painting class for our children such a success. They’ve had a fantastic time and they will grow in confidence, knowing that they can achieve something.” The kids, whom

The Bethel China 2015 Art Calendar has arrived !

We had a first contact with Bethel NGO through a generous mother who wanted to take blind kids to do a creative activity, we organized a class especially for them and they loved it, they did beautiful clay masks colored with spices. This class really was a rich and moving