Summer Arty Party in Shunyi

On Sunday the 24th of May, Atelier ‘s team was in Shunyi to organize a Summer Party. We met the parents from the neighborhood, small kids and teenagers and offered them challenging and funny Arty Crafty Activities, such as making their own boats and test them in a swimming

Review: The Pharaoh’s Mystery – May Holiday Workshop

When I asked to the teachers the themes of the workshop for May Holidays, Louise came up with a classical but nevertheless challenging idea : let’s travel to Ancient Egypt on the steps of archeologists and uncover the Pharaoh’s Mystery ! From April the 27th to May the

Souvenirs of the Time Travel Workshop

During APEC, while some of you were experiencing crowded airports, stayed at home for a TV series marathon or enjoyed the sun in Beijing parks. I know a bunch of courageous children who attempted a Time Travel at Atelier Art School and they did well! The morning group (5 to 8