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Review: the prehistorical workshop

or the day my office became a cave… When Adeline told me she was going to build a cave in Atelier, I must admit I was a bit worried and incredulous, but as I trust her and her talent for turning crazy ideas into tangible reality, I said : “ok, go for it!” And one day,

Review: The Pharaoh’s Mystery – May Holiday Workshop

When I asked to the teachers the themes of the workshop for May Holidays, Louise came up with a classical but nevertheless challenging idea : let’s travel to Ancient Egypt on the steps of archeologists and uncover the Pharaoh’s Mystery ! From April the 27th to May the

Dioramas at Atelier !

A Diorama is a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum, the first usage of the word Diorama during the 19th-century was to designate a mobile theatre device. (see the article in Wikipedia) Victorian diorama John