Adult Courses

Visual Arts

Prep’ class

This class is designed for students who aim to enter an art school or to develop their artistic skills in a more professional way. The students will learn various techniques while developing their research, creativity & reflexion. This class is a sample of an art class in French Fine Art School, with a teacher who leads the group, push them to think, elaborate their thought and their gesture and to make decisions to create pertinent, interesting and unique art works. The teacher will base its classes on Art history trends, artists and insist on contemporary arts to create awareness and strong interest for Art in the students. The students will create their own portfolio that can be used to pass Art school entrance exam.

Objectives of this class:

-       Learn how to choose and push the students to think and to elaborate their creative gesture

-       Understand and learn to appreciate Art history

-       Develop a critical mind

-       Master more complicated techniques

-       Adapt the gesture to the sense

-       Create a pertinent and personal portfolio

Category Visual Arts
Professors(s) Louise