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Initiation to Art Practices

At 3 years old, children are keen on learning new things, experimenting and creating. In their world everything can be the beginning of a new adventure. We designed a brand new class in English to guide them through their creative adventure.

Our teachers will teach them the basic techniques and tools’ use that they need to acquire to be able to transform their primary creative gesture into a meaningful and constructive gesture.

Objectives of this class

-       Learn the basic tools and their use: cut, stick, draw, paint, assembly

-       Guide the children’s primitive gesture into a thoughtful and active expression

-       Discover artists, art pieces, images that will create an open and aesthetic background for the children

-       Being immersed in English language

Category 2 - 4 Years
Date Saturday, 10:00 am-11:45 am (En)
Professors(s) Louise