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Discover Visual Arts

Discover, explore and develop your skills:

During the year, children will discover, experiment and learn to use, to play, to create with new media. Explore colours, forms and textures, children will discover creation tools and learn how to choose and use them according to their project.


Objectives of this class

-       Discover & experiment all kind of medium (painting, drawing, sculpture)

-       Open the students’ mind, imagine and help them to translate their ideas, feelings, and intuitions on paper.

-       Teach them to choose the right tool and how to use it properly (pencils, clay, pastels, painting, cardboard, scissors, glue…)



Collage, drawing techniques, painting, gouache, ink, paper-mâché, clay, models..


Art history and cultural contribution

This course will be the first step to a knowledge and understanding of Art History. The teacher will present several artists and artistic movements from different times and background related to the content of the classes.

The students will receive a notebook in which they will do preparatory sketches and stick images they studied during the course.


Category 4 - 7 Years
Date Friday, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm (En)
Saturday, 11:10 am-12:10 pm (En)
Professors(s) Louise Arntz