Other projects

Arty Birthday

Atelier designs thematic birthdays or events for children and adults (birthday,
farewell, newcomers, get together, thematic classes…)
Celebrate important days by learning and practicing art, enjoy a creative time with good friends, and keep unique souvenirs!
During 1 to 2 hours, Atelier's teacher organizes an artistic activity designed especially for the event following your child favorite thematics, each child will go home with something he made during the activity, then you can use Atelier' space for a little get together, to eat a cake and exchange presents.
For 9+ years old (2 hours)
Linocut Stamps
Create your personalized poster with your stamps: Learn how to carve into lino, apply ink and press it onto paper to create a print. Imagine, compose with different paper and ink colors, share the stamps between each other and bring back your stamp home.
Versailles' Hat
Like Marie-Antoinette (last french Queen from the XVII century) create your impressive and tremendous hat holding on a real professional head base. Choose a theme (fruits, the sea, a season…) and create various items to compose your hat.
Screen Printing T-shirts
For boys: Choose a theme in advance and create your T-shirt. Use fabric pens and paints, discover and learn how to screen-print on fabric and decorate your unique washable T-shirt.
For girls: With fabric pens, paint, special items, rubans, design your unique t-shirt. Discover and learn how to screen print on fabric with different colors. It could also be time to learn or improve your sewing skills to customize even more your T-shirt!
Mechanical Clock
Discover a clock's mechanism and learn how to set it up. Choose a theme, use various material and imagine your unique clock. You will never be late anymore!
For 4-8 years old (1:30 hour)
Assembled Kit Dinosaurs 
Choose a type of dinosaur, draw the parts of the body. Learn how  to balance your creation so it can stand up by itself. Paint it and dis/assemble limitless!
Jungle Mobile
Based on the paiting of Le Douanier Rousseau, children will create corlored origami animals, explore jungle's vegetations and reproduce it with corlor paper to create a colorful and unique hanging round mobile.
Fabric Paint Tipis
Like little American Indians make your tipi: Discover and paint some native-american patterns on fabric. Add feathers and imagine what could be inside of your tipi.
Fairies and Unicorn
Create your fairies accessories and imagine a riding unicorn with cardboard and paint.
The price includes the art activity and the supplies, the space for the activity +1 hour, it does not include the cake, the tableware, the drinks or the decorations, but Atelier’s team will organize everything before the party. You can bring decoration we will hang them and follow your ideas.(Due to the limitation of the space, the activity can hold a maximum of 15 people.)
Price is for 8 kids:one hour and half 2300Y
                               two hours 2500Y
200Y/additional guest
500Y/for a personalized theme

Price 2300 (1.5 hour),2500(2 hours) for 8 people + 200 rmb / additional person(the price can vary according to the activity)