Holidays & Special Programs

【Summer Camp 】▶Marco Polo & his Journey to the East

Come join this camp and discover his adventures to the East!

【Summer Camp 】▶ Henri Rousseau & Post-Impressionism

Each day, inspired by one artwork of the artist, learn new paintings techniques and drawings skills.

【Summer Camp】▶ Da Vinci & Mechanical Engineering

Students will learn how to make different types of mechanisms, imagine the inventions that could change the course of history and create their own moving machines.

【Summer Camp】▶Let's Explore Hawaii!

We will explore all these different facets of Hawaiian life, and create a body of work that conjures up the environment and spirit of the islands.

【Summer Camp 】▶ Edison & Basics of Electronics

Thomas Edison is a famous inventor and businessman. He is also considered as the greatest inventor of the United States.

【Summer Camp】▶ An Adventure of Insect World

During this week of camp, the students will discover different habitats and which kind of insects lives there.

【Summer Camp 】▶ Isaac Newtown & Physics

To learn more about this ocean of scientific world by joining Atelier Fablab physics summer camp this year!

【Summer Camp 】▶ Monet & Impressionist Movement

Oscar-Claude Monet (known just as Claude Monet) was one of the most important French painters associated with the Impressionist movement.

Atelier for Charity

I decided to use Atelier as a platform to teach as many classes as possible in collaborations with NGOs to aid disadvantaged youth.

Arty Birthday

Atelier designs thematic birthdays or events for children or adults (birthday, farewell, new comers, get together, thematic classes…)

Atelier Carte Blanche

Atelier' space is open to artists and creators to work!

Holiday Workshops

Every School holidays, Atelier's team imagine unique creative workshops… Contact us for more info!

Pedagogical Content for Schools

Atelier Art School can offer different types of content to Schools, we have already worked with several International schools in Beijing and are willing to develop real partnerships based on transmission of quality pedagogical content.

Private Class

Atelier Art School organizes (one on one or group) private classes for private individual or corporate groups.