Our mission is simply to give the best artistic education in Beijing to foster creativity, confidence and autonomy to make our students the actors of a changing world.


Learning Art changed my life, from the child I was to the accomplished adult I am now, art has always been a part of my life, it is a part of who I am. It shaped my personality, my personal and professional paths and gave me essential tools that I use everyday in my life. I opened Atelier to give the same chance to the children in Beijing to grow with this unique experience.

I sincerely believe that learning art gives extra abilities to children that will become inner strengths for their whole life. An art teacher will teach them how to draw and paint, but a good art teacher will also teach them to think differently, to open their mind and enlarge their sphere of activity, to conceptualize a project, to find the liberty to try, experiment, and the strength to get back on their feet after they fail at doing something.

Art might not be a necessity to everyone, but creativity is. Being creative makes people more reactive when facing a new problem, more open when evolving in new environments, more adaptable to every situation, more considered with an elaborate thinking. And these strengths does not only concern artists, but doctors, lawyers, parents, politician, entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, who will be better at their jobs.

Creativity takes courage,” said Henri Matisse, it is exactly what we strive to teach at Atelier.


Founded in September 2012, Atelier Art School has launched the first out-of-school art classes in Beijing. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive educational project, operating  two branches in Beijing. At Atelier we offer  high quality courses to children, teenagers and adults that include visual arts, drawing and painting, photography, graphic design, fashion design and French. In addition we have curated a series of workshops during the weekends or holidays as well as creative parties. Courses are taught in French, English or Chinese.


Atelier has built a solid reputation in both expatriate and Chinese communities. With a unique pedagogical approach rooted in the best art education schools in France, high quality art classes for children and adults, a highly creative and one of its kind content, non profit actions in aid of disabled kids, we have gathered the support of more than 500 students these three last years, international schools such as British School of Beijing or International School of Beijing, WAB, Institut Français, Campus France, That’s BJ, Beijing Kids, Global times, City Weekend, Time Out.


And now, in Beijing, children, teenagers and adults can make the most of a high quality French art education and have the same chance that I had as a kid to grow up and construct themselves in a creative, artistic and cultural environment.


About French Art Education:


Through my experiences, I could observe that the way Art is taught in France is different from other western countries and quite unique.

Firstly, we are reminded everywhere, all the time, that we are a part of a larger Art History and we need to modestly learn from it to understand what is creation to be creators ourselves. We will from childhood learn to define our taste, going to exhibitions, reading, films, art classes, by seeing art pieces and learning about art history we will shape our critical mind, choose artists in artistic, literary, cinematographic area, that we can identify with like inspiring masters.

During an art class for children, teachers will give a subject and a technique and a clear frame to the kids, they need to follow the instruction so the teacher can push them to be consistent with their work, to always try and go further in their creation, the classes are not about letting creativity explode, the classes are about learning, and nurturing creativity. The teachers will push the students to surpass themselves, to never give up, to find courage to achieve things they couldn’t imagine realizing, to be proud of them and to grow inner confidence. This confidence will be strength for life not only in artistic field but also in every fields (work, society, family).

In French artistic education, students need to understand the constraint, the history, to develop a critical thinking about art but also about the world we live in to be able develop a very personal, intelligent, pertinent creation.

At the entrance of a Fine Art School after high school, future students will to demonstrate this knowledge to be able to enter these schools, being an artist is not just being a maker, it is being a thinker, an actor of the world we live in, a voice, and this is what we teach in Art schools in France, this is also what we teach at Atelier.


Each class content these two important ingredients, art history, a clear frame constituted by a documented subject and a technique.

Each class is taught in small group so the teacher can personally follow and help each kids to achieve his work.

The French teachers have experimented this unique way to teach art as students, they do understand it and they all are trained to guide and push each kids to surpass themselves and their own expectations.

We constantly remind the kids that we are in a school and that they need to behave like learners to be able to experiment and get enriched them from our education.

We never let a kid down, if he “doesn’t know how to do”, we will never show him “how to do”, instead we will help him by finding other paths to achieve his task, and when he will have achieved it, he will be proud from him and get this precious inner confidence that will never let him down.

All the teachers are passionate and dedicated to their work; I am personally regularly talking with them, helping them with a class or a case they might have difficulties with. Our creativity is our everyday tool; we use it to teach the kids in a unique and fulfilling way the kids and to give them the same chance we had.