Summer Arty Party in Shunyi

Summer Arty Party in Shunyi

On Sunday the 24th of May, Atelier ‘s team was in Shunyi to organize a Summer Party.

We met the parents from the neighborhood, small kids and teenagers and offered them challenging and funny Arty Crafty Activities, such as making their own boats and test them in a swimming pool, create all together a model of an imaginary city and color famous artists’ paintings.

We had a good time, were really happy to meet new friends and neighbors and wish to build the best Art School for Shunyi’s community !


Kids revisited famous artist’s paintings (Lichtenstein, Matisse)

IMG_8119_2 IMG_8186_2

They created a model of an imaginary city with cardboard, paper and modeling dough

IMG_8123_2 IMG_8124

Small and older kids all together doing in accordance with their own abilities.

IMG_8118_2 IMG_8184_2

They even thought of the Zoo !

IMG_8189_2 IMG_8127_2

Outside, another group was building boats using cardboard, bottles and fabric.

IMG_8122_2 IMG_8130


We installed a little pool to test them and hopefully, all the boats floated! While we ere training ourselves at doing the best Barbapapa (Cotton Cadies) ever !




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