Review: the prehistorical workshop

Review: the prehistorical workshop

or the day my office became a cave…

When Adeline told me she was going to build a cave in Atelier, I must admit I was a bit worried and incredulous, but as I trust her and her talent for turning crazy ideas into tangible reality, I said : “ok, go for it!”

And one day, during the wokshop, I came back to Atelier Sanlitun from Shunyi and there was a cave in Atelier !

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I was amazed and indeed very excited by the project, and I discovered during the following days that it was just the beginning of the journey for the kids.

The cave was there, in Atelier’s corridor, dark, with colorful stalactites and rocks. It was time for the creative team to enter the real prehistoric adventure.


Adeline explained them how to do their own paintings with pigments and eggs and they used it to paint directly on the wall on big craft paper.


And then, it was time to enter the cave and paint directly on it! Like in the prehistorical times, the cave was dark and not very flat, the kids used little torches to light up the walls and drew their own animals or prehistorical scenes on the cave walls.


Atelier has gone back to normal, but the kids lived a really historical and creative experience, and next time they will study prehistory at school they will understand better what the teacher is trying to describe.

If you are like me, passionate about rupestrian painting, you can have a look at the Chauvet Cave‘s history.

Discovered in 1994 by chance by a group of speleologists, its discovery revolutionized scientists’ understanding of first humans’ creativity. To protect the cave and its unique paintings, which would have been definitely damaged by the visit of thousands of tourists, French government decided to have a replica built.

This high tech replica just opened its doors in Ardèche – France in April 2015 and has been internationally recognized for the quality of the experience it provides to its visitors. If you are around, you can not miss it.

Click on this link to read an article on the history of the cave.

Click on this link if you want to do a virtual visit of the cave, this is the official website, it is in French with no translation (sorry for this), but easy to understand and the photos are beautiful.



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