Review: The Pharaoh’s Mystery – May Holiday Workshop

Review: The Pharaoh’s Mystery – May Holiday Workshop

When I asked to the teachers the themes of the workshop for May Holidays, Louise came up with a classical but nevertheless challenging idea : let’s travel to Ancient Egypt on the steps of archeologists and uncover the Pharaoh’s Mystery !

From April the 27th to May the 1st, every morning, 5 kids from 4 to 6 decided to take the adventure.

During the 1st day, they made their own papyrus, learnt about hieroglyphs and wrote their secret message.

78.pic 81.pic

They, then, made their own Pharaoh’s collar, what better to drill a mystery that get under the skin of its characters.


Day two, they built their pyramid and invented the desert around.

86.pic 87.pic 92.pic

Day Three : the Mummy Day ! The little explorers entered into their pyramids, discovered a sarcophagus with a mummy in it !

94.pic 96.pic 97.pic 101.pic104.pic

Fourth day: to really understand better the mythology and the culture of Ancient Egypt, they painted each other shapes on the wall and turned their image in to Egyptian Gods.

102.pic 103.pic

Last day: It was time to go back home, but they still had time for a little cruise on the sacred river : the Nile. So they built their own little pirogue, they saw a fish and even a crocodile while admiring the magnificent Egyptian landscapes.

106.pic 107.pic 114.pic 115.pic


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