What is a holiday workshop at Atelier ?

When you register your kid for a week of holiday workshop at Atelier, you find a solution to get him busy for the holiday so he will not get bored and use his free time to do things, but not only!

When you register him for a workshop, you register him for a unique comprehensive creative adventure!

After carefully choosing a series of fascinating themes, Atelier’s teachers* develop unique and ambitious curriculums especially created to take the students to an adventurous journey through a part of history, of art history, the life of an artist, a continent or a book.

Regardless of the subject, the teacher will explain the theme, tell stories, show images and open the children’s horizons.

During the week the students will discover another culture, new parts of history, go into a subject they have studied at school deeper, and finish the workshop with new knowledges, new images to nourish their imagination, new parts of the world cleared by them and maybe a new passion.

Because the workshop duration allows the group to go deeper into subjects and techniques, the teacher will introduce new, more complicated, artistic techniques that the students do not have the chance to study during their school years. They will therefore acquire and practice new skills that they will be able to use more independently. Atelier’s objective is guiding our students towards an independent creative gesture.

During a workshop, the students will take the time to learn, to experiment, to fail, to try again. Without pressure to achieve something perfect, the students can take the chance to gain self confidence and explore with endless possibilities their own creativity.

Atelier is an education center: at Atelier we teach art, we do not keep the children busy.

I dedicated my life to pass on « the creative experience » through the development of a specific education approach that fosters this very personal and unique experience and a focused attention turned to the student research and development. I do really strongly believe that creativity can change our students’ lives. And I share with Atelier’s whole team a strong attachment to fondamental values that make the core of Atelier: creativity, education, confidence, pleasure and ambition.

We are committed to share with your children the best of our knowledge, our savoir-faire, our passion and that’s what makes us a unique art school in Beijing.

*Atelier’s teachers are all graduated from western art schools, they are trained by Atelier’s directing team to follow Atelier’s teaching standards and curriculum.