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Visual Arts

This is a crucial age for creativity. Children are more aware of trends, of what should be or not be done and how others perceive their work. They have entered a stage where their thinking is more structured and has a clearer direction, their creative work too.

This course aims to push students out of their comfort zone. They will work on topics that will help them question their surroundings, create awareness, and have a richer understanding of themselves. They will also learn about the main trends that have shaped the History of Art. The teacher will help them dig deeper to create works with intelligence and ambition. And why not discover a passion.

Objectives of this class

-       Develop the students’ creativity

-       Learn to realize a project from its conception to its end

-       The teacher will push the student to stretch their own expectations and limits

-       Mastering more complicated techniques


-        Advanced techniques, watercolor, acrylic, ink, drawing, cardboard (how to use a cutter and a glue-gun), plaster...

Art history and cultural contribution

-       The teacher will do a link between each subject studied in course and an artist, oeuvre or artistic movement. He/she will explain the historical background of the oeuvres and give details of the artists’ biographies.

The students will receive a notebook in which they will do preparatory sketches, stick images and take notes about the artists or oeuvres they studied.



8-12years old:

Wednesday 4:30-6:30

Sunday 10:45 - 12:45


12-15years old (VA extend):

Friday 5:30- 7:30

Sunday 2:00- 4:00




Category 12 - 15 Years
Date Sunday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm (En)
Professors(s) Adeline