Summer camps — 2017!


This summer Atelier has a large range of summer camps from art to science, come and explore the world with our teachers!

1. For 5-12 years olds: creative summer camps with Atelier

Like every year, Atelier’s team has created a series of epic and adventurous workshops through art history, literature and history and science! (Click on the name for more information):


Morning class (10:00-12:00) for 5-8 years old

Afternoon class (1:30-4:00) for 8-12 years old

price 1800 / week

2. For 9+ years old: Art + Sience summer camps with Atelier + Fablab

Mixing science and art, these unique workshops offer to children to explore a topic with art teachers and engineers, the students will create, imagine, explore scientific theories, experiment, and have fun! This series of brand new workshops is unique concept in China developed by Atelier only in Beijing, only for your children! Stay tuned for regular classes in September! (Click on the name for more information):


All day class (10 am-4 pm)

Price 3500 / week - lunch not included but children will stay at Ate

3. For 10+ years olds: Makers summer camps with Fablab

independant, invent and make things by yourself, this is the purpose of the Fablab. This summer camps will open the fields of electronics and 3D printing, stay tuned for regular classes September! (Click on the name for more information):

  •  Arduino summer (19th-23rd June):During this workshop, students will learn basics of electronics and programming to build different kind of connected objects such as: detection systems, musical instruments, clock.
  •  Build your 3D printer (10th-14th July):During this workshop, students will understand the fundamentals of 3D printing while making their own 3D printing machine.


1:30-4:30pm from Monday to Friday

Price: build your 3D printer - 5000 / week

Price: Arduino Summer - 2800 / week


Category 4 - 7 Years