Maker basics

Atelier Fablab’ s team is deeply convinced that prototyping techniques should be democratized to allow everyone to get innovative and creative.

This course is a mix of theory, experimentation through practice and are designed by Atelier’ s art teachers and professional engineers. At the end of the year, the students will be able to realize  innovating products.

Students will learn to use prototyping tools to manufacture innovating products:

·Common tools: dremels, drillers, glue gun, 3D pens, foam cutters…

· Electronic tools: oscilloscope, voltmeters, soldering iron, Arduino electronic prototyping platform

· Basics of C programming language

· Computer numerical controlled machines like 3D printers and numerical milling machines

· CAD (computer aided drawing) on 2D and 3D softwares



Wednesday 5:00-7:00

Thursday 5:00- 7:00

Sunday 10:00-12:00


Category 8 - 12 Years
Professors(s) Sebastien Thomas
Price 400RMB