Fablab workshop :Video game design



I want to be a game designer!

Did you ever dream of making your own video games? Imagine your friends playing with the heroes you created, traversing dungeons you crafted…

With this workshop, your dream will become reality. Students will learn how to design and build a video game using a gaming design software.

Using their imagination and computer skills to create their own customized game, they will write their your story, create charismatic characters, builds maps and background, generate music and discover coding to customize their game.

The software used for the class is the ideal interface for new game designers.

Video games can open exceptional teaching opportunities and are a perfect gate for numerical education.


Title : Video game design

Date :The 2nd-6th of Oct.2017


Location : Sanlitun

Age group : +10yo


Teacher : Guillaume

Category 12 - 15 Years