Atelier’s workshop:Art Revolution!



Constructivism was the last and most influential modern art movement to flourish in Russia in the 20th century. It borrowed ideas from several art movements but at its heart was an entirely new approach : designing innovative objects to create a new and modern society. Objects were to be created not in order to express beauty, or the artist's outlook, or to represent the world, but to carry out an analysis of the materials and forms of art, one which lead later to the design of functional objects. The seed of Constructivism was a desire to express the experience of modern life - its dynamism and its newness.


During this workshop, the students will learn about the different artistic movements and artists that composed constructivism :

  • Experiment painting with simple colors and shapes in the steps of Malevich, representative of the RUssian movement Suprematism

  • Explore sculpture and collage around graphical art and researches of Lissitzky

  • Discover the architecture of this era with the study of the Tatlin's Tower

  • Enter also the universe of Russian Cinema

  • Enter the world of Constructivist artists fashion design researches and discover Popova’s and Malevich’s costumes.


More information:

Date : The 2nd-6th Oct. 2017

Location: Shunyi

Age group : 5-8 years old

                      +9 years old

Time:10:00-12:00(5-8 years old)

             13:30-16:00(+9 years old)


Teacher : Tom


Location: Sanlitun

Date : The 2nd-6th Oct. 2017

Age group : 5-8 years old



Teacher : Louise

Category 8 - 12 Years
Price 1800 / week