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Atelier’s new branch: Atelier Fablab

Atelier Art School opens a new branch:

Atelier Fablab, the first Fablab in Beijing.


Atelier art school opened in 2012 and offers high quality art classes designed by its French directing team for children and adults in Sanlitun and in Shunyi.

What is a FabLab?

The concept of FabLab was invented by a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor in the beginning of the 90’s. FabLabs are open to the publics and provide a working space, numerically controlled machines tools (for example: 3D printer, milling machine, laser cutting machine), tools and electronic materials for everyone to experiment, learn or work.

The FabLabs around the world constitute meeting platforms fostering exchange of ideas and collaborative creations.

To be qualified as FabLab, a fabrication workshop should adhere to a charter stated by MIT. Fablabs have created a very active network around the world, both in the domain of technological innovation as well as in the progress of avant-garde concepts.


First FabLab at Beijing

When an engineer and two artists decide to change the world.

Sébastien Thomas (former engineer in a nuclear company), Marianne Daquet (founder and director of Atelier Art School) and Adeline Parrot (director of studies and operations at Atelier Art School) decide to combine their savoir-faire to create the first FabLab in Beijing to create a hub of creative education and technological experimentation unique in China.


Atelier Fablab mission is to share and mutualized knowledge and tools

to enable experimentation, creation and innovation.

Atelier FabLab has 3 kind of offers for different types of publics:

-       Educational: with regular classes and workshops for children and adults.

-       Professional: with training on the machines, consulting, prototyping solutions

-       Experimental for makers and amateurs who want to use the space and the machines for their own creative projects during the OpenLab slots.


Following the line of projects and courses developed by Atelier Art School, Atelier FabLab offers a regular courses program (beginning in Sept 2017), workshops, team building and events. These courses are designed for groups of children or adults, schools, companies and NGO.

The educational team of Atelier Art School works in close collaboration with the team of engineers to create a series of high quality, creative, innovative courses unique in Beijing.

Technology is a powerful tool when mastered: Atelier FabLab teaches everyone to master and use this tool to enable ambitious and creative projects.


We have prepared with great care for the summer workshops of Fab lab, click here to get more information!