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Atelier for Charity

After my graduation in an art school, I began teaching art classes for associations and schools in zones with educational priority; I also drew illustrations for NGOs to help them promote their fundraisers or their actions, and I gradually understood that my artistic skills and my teaching experience could help NGOs and disadvantaged children.

When we opened Atelier, one of the objectives of my partner and me was to make our art school steady enough so we could use our savoir-faire to teach art to disadvantaged children. The first time I had the chance to teach a class for an NGO was for blind kids from Bethel Association. This is one of my strongest and most emotional memories as an art teacher: working with these kids, trying to go beyond their physical challenge to give them pleasure and confidence in themselves, guiding them to become actors of their creativity, opening with them new possibilities of making, moved me intensely.

I decided to use Atelier as a platform to teach as many classes as possible in collaborations with NGOs to aid disadvantaged youth.

I strongly believe that we can make a difference by teaching art. The way we teach art at Atelier, taking the children through a real creative experience, opens their horizons, develops their self-confidence, and gives them tools that they can use to grow up and be better prepared for life. Atelier's classes also offer to these children the opportunity to dive into a subject, a completely new enjoy, they forget about their worries, and their physical challenge become strengths. They learn, they open their mind, they nourish their souls,  and they have time for themselves.

- Marianne Daquet

A heart-warming testimony from founder of the New life Center

Hi Marianne,

Grateful thanks for another fantastic session at your art school. On the way home they asked when are we going back again for more lessons??!! So I told them about your kindness to offer us free tuition and materials and that after CNY holiday we may see you again. It took a miracle to get a mini-bus too but kids never think of these impossibilities.

Your art lessons raised their morale believing that they too can achieve something and show for it. Two days after the first session something interesting happened. I was on the white board doing a Sudoku puzzle with two smart boys and they couldn't solve the puzzle although it was at the elementary level. Then suddenly Mathew (a dyslexic boy with very low self-esteem - one of two brothers) came up to me and said: "give me the pen". I gave it to him and he proceeded in filling in the gaps in the Sudoku!! I asked whether he's played this before and he said "no". Then I asked how does he know what to write and he said "I can see the numbers in my head"!!!! So your art lesson has unleashed this mathematical/logic skill in his head. Also praising them helped to confirm that they can achieve. As you know local teachers never praise students so all in all your art therapy and skill was most effective.…

Again, grateful thanks for helping underprivileged children. You are fantastic!"

-Ginny founder of New Life Center

Atelier taught classes for kids with visual impairement from Bethel, diabetic children and in a migrant school in Nanjing and Shanghai supported by Sanofi.

Atelier is currently building a partnership with Reg'Art in Shanghai to raise money to offer regular art classes to children in migrant schools in BJ in cooperation with the Migrant Children Foundation.


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