April 23rd-27th ▶ Art et Mécanique: Construire un Carrousel

For this French spring holiday, Atelier Sanlitun campus will present an creativity workshop for the topic inspired by les Machines de Nantes

During the workshop, students will discover this marvellous world of the Machine de Nantes and especially learn more about the carousel they created for their exhibition of " les machines of the Isle " in Nantes.

To adapt for different age groups, we will have 5-8 year-old students to learn and enjoy this interesting workshop with art teacher. Half-day course. 

During the workshop, students will discover the rich world of the "Machines de Nantes". They will learn how to work with volume and create a 3D animal using different techniques such as paper mache and use of foam cutter. They will create a unique merry-go-round with a personal imagination by using cardboard, paper, paint and so on. The last but not the least, they will make a poster to promote their mechanical wonderland! 

For 9+ year-old students, it is a full-day course,  workshop combined not only art but also mechanics. Student will build a carousel from stratch. To top it off, it is also a music box

Inspired by this magical world, they will design during the Fablab session on how to build a carousel. Student will learn and create the mechanism devices to make it turn. They also learn 2D drawing on the software to make wheels, the whole set and use the laser cutting machine to cut the parts they designed.With art teacher, students will develop and create

 their very own world for this carousel. They will imagine characters, sketch the decoration for the merry-go-round and use a lot of different supplies such as paints, sewing, fabric, felt, collage, clay...

Devoloped skills on:

Fablab :Know the devices of mechanics movement transmission;

Know the devices of transformation of the mechanics movement;

Analyse and compare the functioning of different technical objects in which a movement is transmitted or transferred. Identify these transformations and transmissions

Art: Create from A to Z a project ;

Develop an imaginary world in details;

Learn new techniques


5-8yo 10:00-12:00 (1800rmb)

9+ yo 10-16:00 (4000 rmb)

Date Apr,23rd,10:00 am-4:00 am (Fr),
Professors(s) Guillaume