What is Atelier ?

 Founded in September 2012, by Marianne Daquet and Anaïs Martane, Atelier Art School has launched the first out-of-school art classes in Beijing.

Marianne, Atelier's director and co-founder, awarded for the 2 lasts years’ WOW (Wonderful Outstanding Women) education and creativity awards, has created a unique pedagogy based on her experiences as an art student and art teacher for more than 20 years in France and in Beijing, where she arrived 10 years ago. She profoundly believes that creativity can change life and dedicated her life to passing on her love for art and belief that art education can make the difference.

Atelier Art School offers a unique range of art classes and creative events in Beijing.


Atelier brief description

Founded in September 2012 by a French professional artist and Art teacher who dedicated her life to pass on her love for art and belief that art education can make people better, Atelier Art School has launched the first out-of-school art classes in Beijing. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive educational project, operating two branches in Beijing (Sanlitun and Shunyi). At Atelier, we offer high quality courses to children, teenagers and adults that include visual arts, drawing and painting, photography, graphic design, fashion design. In addition we have curated a series of workshops during the weekends or holidays as well as creative parties. Courses are taught in French, English or Chinese.

Atelier's mission is simply to give the best artistic education in Beijing to foster creativity, confidence and autonomy to make our students the actors of a changing world.



What makes the uniqueness of Atelier ?

Atelier’s unique curriculum

Atelier’s classes are following a standard developed by Atelier’s directing team. Atelier’s teachers are trained by the directing team to follow the standard and deliver Atelier’s unique series of art classes.


Each class is based on key points:

-    Art history

Atelier’s courses are based on an artistic movement, an artist or an oeuvre.

Atelier’s teacher presents the theme to the students who explore the thematic more deeply during the class.

-    Iconography:

Images are omnipresent during Atelier’s courses as a support to Art history introduction and as inspirational sources.

The various images students discover during Atelier’s courses create an historic and aesthetic context to the learning of art. These images enter their memory and fill a repertoire of images and cultural references for their whole life.

-   Critical discussion

After each new presentation, Atelier’s teacher takes time to ask the students about the images they see, the artistic movement they discovered. Small group classes create a confident space for the students to talk, to express their point of view and argue. This free speech time is precious for the students at every age, it is the exact moment when they build their critical thinking, learn to think by themselves and develop their tastes.

-     Learning of new artistic techniques

    Each class, Atelier’s teacher introduces a new artistique technique to the student along the theme developed. The students will learn how to recognize, choose and use tools, Atelier’s teacher guides them in their practice to develop their ability.


Notes about the curriculum:

Art is not just a practice it is also about inspiration, creation and observation: art is an experience.

An artist gets inspired by the world around him, his creative process nurtures itself from his experiences. Atelier’s teachers conceptualise their art classes the same way: their experiences inspires them.

Art and creation are parts of life itself, children need to understand and feel it. Atelier’s classes are built to stay in tunes with their life and preoccupations, they will not have to study or prepare themselves for the course:

Atelier’s team’s goal is to teach them how to get inspired and tame their inspiration.

Our aim is to make art, a living experience for our students: they create links, they react, they get inspired, they learn to think, to conceptualize and they will therefore integrate the creative process and gesture that will be an asset for their whole life whatever their life’s choices are.

By not telling the subject in advance, we leave room for the creative experience to happen. By keeping an effect of surprise, the classes stay exciting, interesting and inspiring for our students.

The students never really know what will be the next subject, therefore they experiment the creative experience, they do not put pressure on themselves to prepare the class and keep the pleasure to discover new things almost every week.

Exercising and nourishing their creativity will allow them to tame it and use it as an essential tool. This tool will make the difference through their entire life.


The objectives of an art class at Atelier:

- Learning artistic techniques based on the students abilities (their abilities depend on their age)

- Taking pleasure in practising art

- Being able to react and answer to an artistic subject

- Learning and developing a general and artistic culture

- Building an iconographic and aesthetic repertoire

- Learning art history

- Understanding and experiencing the artistic process

- Creating a project from A to Z

- Developing itself creativity as a useful tool

- Developing inner confidence, tenacity, patience and autonomy

- Developing critical mind and openness on the world

- Being able to transform simple curiosity into a reflexion on the world they live in

- Learning how to choose and to use art supplies


A class at Atelier is a process.

The objective of a class is not to produce a good result but to understand and experience the creative process.

Each fail, mistake or deception is a positive experience for the children who will learn to be perseverant, adaptable, find solutions, and learn how to grow from their own failures.

What Atelier teaches is art, artistic techniques but above all, tools for life:

-    Inner confidence

-    Creativity

-    Perseverance

-    Thought tools

And this is what makes Atelier a unique place to study Art in China.

Yet, the results are not immediate, and parents might not understand in a glance the work their children are achieving. But in a few years, in time of challenges or decisions, the primordial qualities, our students have acquired through our unique teaching process will become key tools for their whole life. These rare qualities will make your kids the actors of a changing world.


“Learning art changes life. It changed mine.” Marianne Daquet (founder and director of Atelier)