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【Summer Camps 2018】▶ June to August at Atelier

Atelier presents a selection of seven brand new camps and two from the most popular camps we did from the past. In total, get ready for nine camps filled with the explosion of fun, knowledge and creativity this summer!

【Summer Camp 】▶Marco Polo & his Journey to the East

Marco Polo was not the first European to reach China but he was the first to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience. Come join this camp and discover his adventures to the East!

Maker basics

I want to be a maker!

【Summer Camp 】▶ Henri Rousseau & Post-Impressionism

French artist Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) is mostly known for his richly colored and detailed paintings of lush jungles with wild beasts and exotic flowers.

Atelier for Charity

The way we teach art at Atelier, taking the children through a real creative experience, opens their horizons, develops their self-confidence, and gives them tools that they can use to grow up and be better prepared for life.

【Summer Camp】▶ Da Vinci & Mechanical Engineering

During this 5-half-day camp, students will discover the wonderful world of mechanisms through Da Vinci’s experiments and discoveries.

Atelier's new branch: Atelier Fablab

Atelier art school opened in 2012 and offers high quality art classes designed by its French directing team for children and adults in Sanlitun and in Shunyi.

【Summer Camp】▶Let's Explore Hawaii!

Hawaii is part of Polynesia, and has a rich culture, similar but distinct from other Polynesian areas such as Tahiti or New Zealand.

Life Drawing at Atelier!

Once a month, Atelier Sanlitun opens its door for a life drawing session, come to draw freely and practice your skills.


【Summer Camp 】▶ Edison & Basics of Electronics

Thomas Edison is a famous inventor and businessman. He is also considered as the greatest inventor of the United States.

Arty Birthday at Atelier

Atelier designs thematic birthdays or events for children and adults (birthday, farewell, newcomers, get together, thematic classes…)

【Summer Camp】▶ Patterns in Art

During this Camp, students will explore art history and architecture to learn and experiment different ways to create and use patterns.

Registration for Year 2017/18!

10 % discount if you register 20 classes to any class before the 20th of July!

【Summer Camp】▶ An Adventure of Insect World

During this week of camp, the students will discover different habitats and which kind of insects lives there. We will inspired different artworks to famous artist whose main inspirations are insects.

Preparation for Art School

Get prepared to enter an Art School.

【Summer Camp 】▶ Isaac Newtown & Physics

Isaac Newton is one of the most famous scientists of all time, most people get to know him for the fundamental laws of mechanics: Law of gravitation Law of motion

Drawing & Painting

This course will teach the students the basic techniques of drawing and painting. It will give them solid foundations on which to build more sophisticated creative projects.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, SaturdayBook

【Summer Camp 】▶ Monet & Impressionist Movement

Oscar-Claude Monet (known just as Claude Monet) was one of the most important French painters associated with the Impressionist movement. From 1840 to 1926, and from Paris to Giverny, he created an amazing body of work on the principle that the artist's perception is as important as reality.

Art and Chinese

The first class to learn art, for 3 to 4 years old.


Discover Visual Arts

Discover, explore and develop your skills

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayBook

Drawing and Painting Adults

This course will teach the students the basic techniques of drawing and painting. It will give them solid foundations on which to build more sophisticated creative projects.


Visual Arts

Art imagination and learn to practice more independently. This course aims to push students out of their comfort zone. The teacher will help them dig deeper to create works with intelligence and ambition. And why not discover a passion….