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2017 Christmas holiday Fablab workshops !

Atelier Fablab offers two brand new workshops for the Christmas Holidays. Make your own 3D printer, from the spare parts and screws, take your screwdriver and mount it, is there a better way to understand how something works ? Then you will learn to print your first 3D elements, and why not use it to print your own Christmas presents. Build your own digital musical instrument, combine music, electronics and creativity to invent your own very personal instrument, a workshop that will open the doors of you creative ability and will give you new ideas of what can be made with simple electronics basis.

2017 Christmas holiday art workshops !

For Christmas, Atelier’s team has created two creative and unique workshops. Travel through Art history following a very famous unit, that forms all the images surrounding us nowadays : the pixel ! Discover this small square and it history from Antiquity. You’ve certainly hear about Andy Warhol and its Factory, spend 4 days in this bubbling creative space and discover the artists, the movements, the oeuvres that made this loft in New York a temple of Modern Art.

The Christmas Factory is back!

Every year, Atelier opens its doors to the public for an afternoon of arty-crafty activities, hot wine & French crêpes.  Join us for 3 hours of fun, creativity, discover our students works, meet our teachers!

Maker basics

I want to be a maker!

Atelier for Charity

The way we teach art at Atelier, taking the children through a real creative experience, opens their horizons, develops their self-confidence, and gives them tools that they can use to grow up and be better prepared for life.

Atelier Open Lab

a Fab Lab is about democratizing access to the tools to facilitate personal expression and invention. So, Atelier Fablab will be opened to the public during defined timeslots. Makers should come along with ideas (upgrade of toys, product development...) and they will be able to use the space, tools, and machines to work on their project.

Atelier's new branch: Atelier Fablab

Atelier art school opened in 2012 and offers high quality art classes designed by its French directing team for children and adults in Sanlitun and in Shunyi.

Life Drawing at Atelier!

Once a month, Atelier Sanlitun opens its door for a life drawing session, come to draw freely and practice your skills.


Arty Birthday at Atelier

Atelier designs thematic birthdays or events for children and adults (birthday, farewell, newcomers, get together, thematic classes…)

Registration for Year 2017/18!

10 % discount if you register 20 classes to any class before the 20th of July!

Preparation for Art School

Get prepared to enter an Art School.

Drawing & Painting

This course will teach the students the basic techniques of drawing and painting. It will give them solid foundations on which to build more sophisticated creative projects.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, SaturdayBook

Art and Chinese

The first class to learn art, for 3 to 4 years old.


Discover Visual Arts

Discover, explore and develop your skills

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayBook

Drawing and Painting Adults

This course will teach the students the basic techniques of drawing and painting. It will give them solid foundations on which to build more sophisticated creative projects.


Visual Arts

Art imagination and learn to practice more independently. This course aims to push students out of their comfort zone. The teacher will help them dig deeper to create works with intelligence and ambition. And why not discover a passion….