Growing confidence part 1.

Growing confidence part 1.

We received this email today:

Grateful thanks to you and your team for making today’s painting class for our children such a success. They’ve had a fantastic time and they will grow in confidence, knowing that they can achieve something.

The kids, whom Ginny is talking about, are kids she saved from the street giving them shelter and education at the New Life Center.

She came yesterday with 12 children and teenagers from 10 to 16 years old, we had prepared a nice class but we were quite uneasy because we did not know anything about them and we wanted to really give them the best we could. We guided them into the art class, they were quite helpless at the beginning (and so were we), surely thinking “what are they waiting for us to do…” But, we weren’t waiting for anything actually, we were trying to show them the path into creating something on their own without any expectation from us, and surely no expectation for a result. We first showed them examples of what they could do, then we gave them simple tools so they could begin with something they had done before: drawing a simple thing on paper. As they understood we were a team and we (Atelier’s team) were going to help them to follow their own ideas, to realize their own creations, they began to relax and to work without pressure, at this right moment they started to imagine, to create and to take a real pleasure in the class. As for ourselves we knew we achieved something important.

Ginny found the right words, we help the kids to grow in confidence and this is exactly why we are working for day after day at Atelier Art School!

If you wish to help the New Life Center, visit their website, they need support: money of course but also practical support.

They will come back next Monday, follow this blog to see the photos of their smile, their pride and their realizations !

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