#weareCharlietoo: your contributions and messages

#weareCharlietoo: your contributions and messages

Thanks for sending us your contributions, we are proud to publish them as a gesture of solidarity and deep concern about the tremendous pain of the victims relatives and to fight the horror the terrorist attacks that happened these last days in France barge in our lives. #notaffraid #solidarity #libertyequalityfraternity #spreadtheword Continue to send your images, we will upload and share them.



Louise sent this drawing by email on Jan.16.

FullSizeRender (2) (1)

Danièle sent a photo she received from France.


Charlie is everywhere ……. Charlie is all generations ….. Charlie will survive for our freedom ….   . (Valérie and her kid)


Time Out Beijing is Charlie too!


Isabelle sent us an email on Friday evening.


 Elizabeth sent us a photo by Wechat on Friday evening


My own answer right after I learnt about the attack in the press. (Marianne)

  We also received emails of people who shared their feelings and solidarity with us or simply thanks us for our concern.

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