Souvenirs of the Time Travel Workshop

Souvenirs of the Time Travel Workshop

During APEC, while some of you were experiencing crowded airports, stayed at home for a TV series marathon or enjoyed the sun in Beijing parks.

I know a bunch of courageous children who attempted a Time Travel at Atelier Art School and they did well!


The morning group (5 to 8 years old) began by preparing and decorating their time travel machine parts.


Nice job, isn’t it ? They might advise international astrophysicists teams about their machine’ style…


The little Time-Explorer team !


Ready to travel with his Atelier-made helmet !


The afternoon group (9 – 10 years old) busy at creating their Vortex to jump into another space-time.


The space time travel requires a little bit of programming on the Atelier-made computer

And then, let’s go !



Some ideas, projections and illustrations of what the Future could be…


DSC_8494 DSC_8527 DSC_8526 DSC_8532

Barbapapas, mermaids, seascapes, pink trees…

But the most persistent impression I have from their travel is that their Future is going to be COLORFUL! 






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