Adult training

Laser Cutting machine training

In this 2 hours training, you will learn to use the laser cutting machine. Laser engravers are extremely versatile, powerful, and easy to use.  They are among the most popular tools at Maker Works. These CO2 lasers are capable of cutting, engraving, and marking a wide range of materials: wood, cardboard, acrylic plates...

You will learn to convert 2D model (created with any CAD software) into actual parts.



During this training, you will learn the basics of laser cutting step-by-step from software to hardware, theory & practical experience.

  • How do I create my first model?
  • How does the machine work?
  • Safety & preparation
  • Pratical exercises, tips & tricks
  • laser cut your own, small project


What can we do with laser cutting machine?

1) Cut a wide range of materials


2) Engrave materials (wood, copper...)


The ATELIER FABLAB laser cutting machine is a Gweike 120cm x 60cm. CO2 Laser power, 100W.

Duration: 2hrs, no prior experience needed.

3 participants per Workshop

Category Adult training
Price 1200 RMB for 2 hours