Computer controlled machines exist since many years and they are mainly accessible for professional usage.
FabLab is equipped with open source numerical controlled machines. The machines shown in the table below are recommended by MIT for the equipment of a FabLab.
This series of machines constitute the equipment of every registered FabLab, therefore any user can go to any FabLab in the world and find the same machines and tools. An object made within Atelier FabLab can be reproduced in any other FabLab in the world (and vice versa).

Machines Description Use
Laser cutting machineLaser cutting machine Gweike (90x60cm) Cut, Engrave
wood, plywood, acrylic
cnc Milling machine Computer controlled
Openbuilds (80×40 cm)
Milling numerous materials
Mold creation
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) creation
3d printer 3D printers Prussa i3 / UP Mini / CR-7 3D printing of pieces with PLA and ABS
Mold creation
sewing machine Sewing machine Singer Sewing fabric and other materials
hot wire cutter Hot wire cutter Foam cutting
Laptop Laptop 8 laptops Software’s:
SketchUp(2D, 3D modelling)
123D design (3D modelling)
Cura (3D printing)
Arduino IDE (electronics, robotics)
Grbl panel (milling machine)


Materials Details
safety stuff Safety equipments Masks, Gloves, Glasses, …
Measurements Measurements equipments Thermometer, Calipers, …
small tools Small tools Hammers, Files, Allen wrench, …
Tools Miter saw, Pillar drill, Vices, …
Electrics equipement Dremel, Heat gun, Hot wire cutter, …
Electronics Electronics Power supply, Welding, Arduino, …
IT Printers, Scanner, Video projector, …

Besides the list of machines prescribed by MIT, there are also varied tools and equipments at Atelier Fablab :
Sets of small electronics for the control of actuators and sensors, Arduino* prototype platforms.

*Arduino is an open-source circuit possessing a micro-controller which can be programmed for piloting robots, control of lighting, etc.