Marianne Daquet, Atelier's Founder & Director

After graduating from two French Fine Art Schools, Marianne Daquet, became a young and promising artist, she took part in several exhibitions (Fondation Cartier, Palais de Tokyo, FIAC) and began to teach art in different schools located in disadvantaged neighborhoods to kids from primary to high school.

After meeting a French man who had already been in Beijing for several years, she joined him in 2006, and while she found a new inspiration in her drawing, she developed a small art school in her own studio in the hutong. After the birth of her two daughter, she began to experience this strong feeling that she would stay in Beijing for a while. The project that she matured for years was ready to get launched: she opened Atelier Art School in September 2012. Since then Atelier has grown in a comprehensive art educational project that she leads this with passion, a curious and open mind and creativity!

Passing on her passion for Art studies has become her life’s purpose.

Sébastien Thomas, Fablab Director & Engineer

First journey in Asia in 1999,  Sébastien was absorbed by his fascination for China and his passion of new inventions.

A great enthusiast of new technology, he decides to settle down at Beijing with his wife and two children in 2015.  For ten years, he has been working within a big international Engineering company, from numerical simulation to engineering team leader. He decided to launch l’Atelier FabLab of Beijing in 2016 together with Atelier Art school.

Adeline Parrot, Directrice of the Studies and Operations

Adeline graduated from one of the most famous French Fine Art School : La villa Arson in Nice. During her studies she experimented painting and sculpture and passed her exam highly commended.

She came in China for the first time in 2011 and stayed in Beijing for a year, her artwork enriched himself with all the materials and objects she used to glean with her father in the various and colourful markets of the city. She taught several workshops at Atelier this year and opened the way to an ambitious view of Art Education.

She went back in Paris for an artist residency at "La Cité des Arts" with the other members of her art collective "French Fries", participated in several exhibitions but her curiosity for China pushed her to come back to Beijing in 2014. She began to teach full time art classes at Atelier, since then, Adeline became Atelier’s most famous teacher, she quickly brung her own touch to Atelier’s course content and is now and director of the studies and operations.

Louise Arntz, Visual Art Teacher

Coming from a French and Dutch background, Louise Arntz has lived in the UAE until her passion for art led her to study in France (ESACM) and Istanbul (YTU). After receiving her degree in Fine Arts and favored in an artists residency, she decided to gain more experience not only by traveling but by working. It is in the competitive city of New York that she gained a vast knowledge of the art scene by working in a gallery, art shipping company and as an artist assistant. With these experiences, her devotion for art grew exponentially and so did her appetite for different lifestyle. She currently resides in Beijing, sharing her skills, knowledge and experiences while still learning from the diverse Chinese culture.

Guillaume Domas, Numerical Art

After being graduated from Fine Art School : Ecole des Beaux Arts in Valence, Guillaume was responsible for digital mediation art pole in the French association : AADN (culture and numerical art), during 2 years he developed digital waking and acquisition of new technology skills to integrate in practices of different kinds of workshops.

Because he want to participate with more people he decide to working in public library, has the habit to works with kids (have specific degree for that) he thinking knowledge it's an important thing to share, and kids need to found their own creative way.

Guillaume is what we can call a "geek" because he is particularly touched by the digital art, technology, computer, programming, video game, pixel art, sciences, electronic music...

He was born in Switzerland, and was educated by the mixed union of French touch and Swiss design, he want to keep an open mind, so for that he travelling a lot and came many time in Asia and particularly in China, where he found news ways to explore...