Open fab project – Light Painting

Open fab project – Light Painting

Light painting is a photographic technique of moving a light while taking a long exposure photograph. By shooting in a dark space with long exposure, the lights can be captured in the photography and give wonderful results without post-processing.

Below are the photos from the kids who joined our Light Photo Station at Christmas Factory.



At our 4th Christmas Factory event, Fablab team prepared light trackers and light gloves in advance. (See pictures below) Kids and adults moved the light devices held by hand with imagination and creativity to produce nice light drawings. 


About the Light Devices- 

Atelier Fablab design tailored-made light devices using RGB (red, blue, green) light controlled by Arduino*.

*Arduino is an open-source circuit possessing a micro-controller which can be programmed for piloting robots, control of lighting etc.

Little Tips:

·      Location/Background: Dark space

·      Clothing: Wear darker and light clothes

·      Extend the shutter time: Lower ISO and extend the shutter speed to 10 second or 30 seconds so you have enough time to make your own light painting.

·      Make good use of your tripod so you can get a better and clearer picture!

About the Author
First journey in Asia in 1999. Sebastien comes to Wuhan where he discovers China. Since then  he bas been living in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing where he was absorbed by both his fascination for China and his passion for new inventions. A great enthusiast of new technology, Sebastien decides to settle down again in Beijing with his wife and two children in 2015. For ten years, he has been working within a big international Engineering company (Areva), from numerical simulation to engineering team leader. He is the co-founder of Atelier + FabLab in Beijing in 2016.

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